Christian students should resolve to manage finances responsibly

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Christian students should resolve to manage finances responsibly

Enrolling at a Christian college is exciting for many students. Whether they are recent high school graduates or going back to school as adults, one thing all students have in common is the need to manage their personal finances responsibly. USA Today recently offered some tips on how students can make better financial management a resolution in 2013.Chris

While it may seem obvious, avoiding unnecessary overspending was the news source’s top tip for college students. Creating a detailed budget and sticking to it is one way that students enrolled at Christian colleges and universities can keep track of their spending and achieve their financial goals.

Another tip the news source offered to frugal students was to take advantage of student discounts. Many retailers offer discount programs to students, which can be a valuable and often-overlooked way of reducing monthly expenditure.

For many students, saving can be challenging. However, according to AOL Daily Finance, ensuring that a portion of students’ income is allocated to savings is important. The news source reports that even small amounts should be set aside on a regular basis to prepare for unexpected financial needs in the future.

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