Christians should talk to current students at prospective colleges

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Christians should talk to current students at prospective colleges

Men and women of faith who are considering enrolling at Christian colleges and universities will likely have many questions about the prospective institutions they are interested in attending. While college admissions professionals may be able to answer many of these inquiries, according to USA Today, current students are also an excellent source of information for curious individuals.

The news source recommends that prospective freshmen ask current students who they think are the best professors on campus and what they teach. Students who have already chosen their major should make inquiries into what the faculty of the department is like and what to expect in class.

Another important question incoming students should ask is what types of career support is available, specifically relating to internships and postgraduate employment placement services. Current students will likely be able to tell men and women of faith considering a Christian university about events such as job fairs and other meetings designed to help them find work after graduation.

While current students are an excellent source of information for prospective freshmen, the Sheboygan Press advises students to ask their college admissions officer a variety of questions, too. These professionals will be able to provide information on whether a college is accredited, the employment prospects of a given major, pass rates for students taking certification exams and the qualifications of faculty members, all of which are important to prospective students.

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