Colleges eager to assess students using noncognitive measures

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Colleges eager to assess students using noncognitive measures

Some men and women of faith who are considering enrolling at Christian colleges and universities may be concerned about their standardized test scores. While the SAT and ACT are valuable tools for college admissions officials in gauging the suitability of an applicant, other factors are equally important. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, many schools are keen to evaluate candidates in a range of other areas, such as leadership qualities.

The University of Southern California’s Center for Enrollment Research, Policy and Practice will host a conference this week to determine how noncognitive measures can be more thoroughly integrated into the college admissions process. Many Christian colleges and universities, as well as secular institutions, are keen to learn how a holistic approach to admissions can help them learn more about their applicants and select the best students for their schools.

“We don’t do enough work to understand why one student with a 3.5 GPA was successful and another one wasn’t,” Jerome A. Lucido, the center’s executive director, told the news source. “We’ve ignored this realm because it was more difficult, less understood. Now we’re at a point where noncognitive measures can take their place alongside other things.”

According to a recent study by researchers at the University of Maryland, the current method of evaluating students leaves substantial gaps in important areas, such as the developmental potential of a student, and noncognitive assessments were particularly useful in assessing nontraditional students.

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