Transfer students should get involved with the student community

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Transfer students should get involved with the student community

For many transfer students, maximizing their GPA, ensuring all application deadlines are met and applying for merit-based financial aid are all important considerations. In addition to making sure their grades are as good as possible, individuals considering transferring to another Christian university should start thinking about how to get involved with the student community at their new college.

According to The Oklahoma Daily, while transfer coordinators can help students with the transition between schools, their assistance is limited. These professionals can point transfer students in the right direction when it comes to integrating with the student body, but much of the responsibility lies with the student.

“There are lots of opportunities but no one is going to hold your hand,” Nicholas Graham, a senior who transferred to Oklahoma University from a community college, told the news source. “Just reach out to students. Be willing to meet new people.”

For some individuals, putting themselves out there in a new environment can be challenging. However, prospective transfer students considering enrolling at another Christian college should remember that they are not alone. According to The New York Times, the college transfer rate among undergraduate students is around one in three, so no matter where they choose to study, men and women of faith are likely to find other individuals in a similar situation.

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