More freshmen thinking about employment than ever before

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More freshmen thinking about employment than ever before

Men and women of faith from all walks of life enroll at Christian colleges and universities to achieve their career goals. However, lingering economic instability is a real concern for many students. The ongoing economic uncertainties observed in the U.S. and around the world have many students thinking about the future. According to a recent study, more freshmen than ever before are considering their employment prospects after graduation.

The annual report, titled “The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2012,” polled almost 193,000 freshmen at 283 colleges and universities across the U.S. Researchers discovered that employment was a primary consideration for a majority of students beginning their studies last year. Almost 88 percent of respondents indicated that finding meaningful work after graduation was a major goal, a significant increase from the 67 percent reported in 1976.

One of the other primary findings of the study was that “the ability to make more money” was another reason many freshmen were motivated to enroll at Christian colleges and universities, as well as secular institutions. Almost 75 percent of respondents said earning potential was important to them, and 81 percent said being “very well off financially” was a personal goal.

“With the recession going on, they have seen so many people losing jobs and hopefully have seen statistics that those with college degrees are much more likely to have jobs than people who don’t have college degrees,” said John H. Pryor, the study’s main author, as quoted by the Los Angeles Times.

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