Transfer students should apply early

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Transfer students should apply early

Some students decide that, for whatever reason, their current college is no longer meeting their academic needs. Whether they choose to enroll at another Christian college to pursue an entirely different degree or switch schools to take advantage of other on-campus facilities, many students make the transition to another school at some point during their academic careers. While switching to another Christian university can be a positive decision for many students, individuals considering a transfer should do so early, as the number of transfer applications being received by some colleges is on the rise.

Heightened interest
Several schools in California have reported increased numbers of transfer applications. According to the Sonoma State Star, Sonoma State University received a record number of transfer applications last year, and officials warned that the number of students hoping to transition to the school is unsustainable at current levels.

Sonoma State received approximately 3,755 transfer applications for the fall 2012 semester. In comparison, admissions officials have received 4,580 applications for the fall 2013 semester, an increase of 22 percent. A lack of available spaces and increasing first-time applications are believed to have been significant contributing factors in the number of students applying to the college as transfers.

Rising figures
Elsewhere in California, other colleges are experiencing record numbers of applications from both freshmen and transfer students. According to NBC News, the University of California-San Diego (UCSD) received almost 15,000 transfer applications last fall. UCSD consistently ranks as a college with high application figures, but students hoping to gain admission to the school as transfers may be disappointed due to a lack of available space.

The situation in California is hardly unique. Schools all across the country are seeing higher numbers of transfer applications, so individuals considering this route should do so as early as possible. Many of the best Christian colleges and universities only have limited numbers of available spaces for transfers, so the earlier students apply, the more likely they are to be accepted.

Of course, with increased competition for limited spaces, other aspects of students’ applications are just as important as applying early. A high GPA, solid application essay and statement of purpose are all key factors for admissions officers when determining whether a transfer student would be a good fit for a Christian college. While it can be challenging for individuals to remain focused on their studies and manage multiple application deadlines when they are dissatisfied with their current school, doing so is vital for success during the college transfer process.

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