Christian colleges welcome students of other faiths

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Christian colleges welcome students of other faiths

Many believers across the country choose to earn their degrees from Christian colleges and universities because they want to study in an atmosphere that aligns with their faith and personal values. Faith-based institutions are an excellent choice for Christians who want to advance their careers through education in a nurturing and wholesome environment. However, individuals of other faiths can also benefit from attending Christian colleges and universities, as increasing numbers of these schools are practicing spiritual tolerance and encouraging people of different belief systems to attend, according to USA Today.

Tight-knit communities
The news source reports that Anushka Bhatia, a junior economics major studying at California’s Pepperdine University, chose to enroll at the Christian college because of the small class sizes and close student community. Bhatia, a Hindu, said that the Christian students at Pepperdine have been particularly welcoming and embraced the opportunity to discuss spirituality with someone of another faith.

“I’ve had the best experience,” Bhatia told the news source. “I admire my classmates because they have such passion to talk about religion. I don’t feel like I have that in Hinduism because it’s so big and it just amazes me how a student can be so open about it.”

Many Christian colleges and universities are making religious diversity a core part of their mission. Some schools have even introduced events focusing on interfaith prayer to make the college experience more inviting to individuals from other belief systems.

Cultural diversity
It is not just Hindus who are finding Christian college campuses to be particularly appealing. According to the Center for American Progress, increasing numbers of Muslim students are enrolling at faith-based schools and find the atmosphere of spirituality to be especially welcoming.

The news source reports that many Muslim students are enrolling at Christian, Catholic and even Mormon colleges. In addition to providing Muslim students with a supportive environment in which to study, faith-based schools are also enabling students to learn more about different religions.

“We emphasize the same teachings, the same set of beliefs, even though the way of participating [is different],” Sameer Ahmad, a Muslim student enrolled at Brigham Young University in Utah, told the Deseret News. “As long as we keep respecting those [common values] …it builds mutual trust and is helpful in the long run.”

Depending on where men and women of faith choose to complete their studies, they may find that Christian colleges and universities are a melting pot of various cultures, beliefs and ideals. This environment could not only enrich their studies, but also broaden their worldview as well.

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