Technology internships could benefit Christian college students

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Technology internships could benefit Christian college students

Participating in an internship is a vital part of college life for many students. Offering individuals the opportunity to gain valuable experience and make connections with potential future employers, internships are a great addition to a student’s resume. However, some men and women of faith enrolled at Christian colleges and universities may be apprehensive about seeking an internship due to financial considerations, especially if they are nontraditional students. Fortunately, some companies value their interns highly and pay they accordingly, and many of these organizations are in the technology sector.

Following the money
Business Insider recently compiled a list of the technology companies that pay their interns the most, using data from employment website Glassdoor. The survey revealed that many leading organizations in the technology sector pay their interns extremely well, with some individuals earning considerable sums of money while they complete their internships.

The news source reports that companies like Cisco Systems, which makes routing hardware and other computer components, pays its interns approximately $3,930 per month. In addition to offering a highly competitive wage, Cisco also offers a range of other benefits to its interns, including free access to the company gym, movie tickets, complementary lunches and more.

Other companies that ranked highly on the list included 3D visualization software developer Autodesk, which pays interns an average of $4,559 per month; microchip manufacturer Intel, which pays around $4,749 per month; and Google, which compensates interns around $5,678 monthly.

The war for talent
Men and women of faith enrolling at Christian colleges and universities may face stiff competition for internships at technology firms, but the companies themselves are engaged in a “war for talent,” attempting to entice talented students to remain with the company upon completion of their internship.

“It’s no secret that the war for tech talent continues to be fierce, and this even includes the internship level,” Samantha Zupan, a spokesperson for Glassdoor, told Forbes. “Companies are fighting for the best and brightest tech minds coming out of college, and handsome compensation packages during an internship are just one way to entice a talented young tech employee to potentially stay with the company upon graduation.”

As one of the most rapidly growing sectors of employment, the technology industry is an ideal place for ambitious men and women of faith to begin their careers after graduation. With time, patience and tenacity, they can secure internships that will not only advance their careers, but earn them a considerable wage while they do so.

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