Transfer students at Christian colleges should participate in bridge programs

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Transfer students at Christian colleges should participate in bridge programs

Making the transition to another Christian university is something that many men and women of faith experience during their academic careers. Switching schools can often be highly beneficial to students who are no longer satisfied at their current institution, but it can be challenging for transfer students to settle into their new Christian college initially. Fortunately, some schools offer bridge programs to enable students to make the transfer process as streamlined as possible.

Many Christian colleges and secular institutions offer bridge programs as a means to help transfer students feel like a part of the student community. These initiatives are designed to help transfer students settle into their new school. Although some bridge programs focus on the social aspects of transitioning to a new school, others also offer a way for transfer students to engage with their new school academically. Bridge programs can be an invaluable resource to students moving to an institution from another school, as they focus on the individual needs of transfer students.

“They’re finding their own way,” Grant Kollet, first year programs director at the University of Washington, told the school’s student newspaper. “All of them are not going to take advantage of every program we offer but what we try to do is establish a relationship with the transfer student.”

Some education experts believe more can be done to help transfer students make a smooth transition to a new school. According to The Daily Californian, some schools only offer limited support to transfer students, and greater attention should be paid to this substantial part of the student community.

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