Christian college students should avoid these application essay mistakes

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Christian college students should avoid these application mistakes

Pursuing a degree at a Christian college is an excellent way for men and women of faith to accomplish their career goals and invest in their future. However, before they can gain admission to their dream schools, they must submit a strong college application. Some students may have been out of the education system for several years by the time they decide to go back to school. As such, it can be easy for students to make some common mistakes on their application. USA Today recently compiled a list of the most typical errors students make during the college application process to help individuals avoid falling victim to these mistakes.

One of the most common mistakes students make is trying to include too much information, especially in open-ended essay prompts such as those on the Common Application. As the essay section of the application is limited to 650 words, candidates must choose their words carefully and get to their point concisely.

Another error many students make is failing to answer questions fully. For example, if candidates are prompted to talk about an event that was important to them, they may forget to include solid reasons why this particular incident was a defining moment in their lives. Failure to follow basic directions can be a red flag for most college admissions officials, so students should read the application’s questions thoroughly and ensure their answers are comprehensive.

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