Christian college transfer students should research scholarships


Christian college transfer students should research scholarships

Some men and women of faith begin their academic careers at community colleges, only to decide they want to transfer to a four-year Christian university. While this approach can be a positive decision for many students, it can also be more expensive in the long run, as transfers often do not receive the same financial aid packages as native students. Fortunately, there are several organizations that offer scholarships to prospective transfer students, and individuals hoping to attend a Christian college should research them thoroughly.

One source of scholarship funding that many transfer students overlook is fraternities, sororities and honor societies. Organizations such as the Tau Sigma National Honor Society provide generous scholarships to transfer students transitioning from two-year colleges to four-year schools. For the 2013 academic year, Tau Sigma awarded more than $36,000 in scholarships, so prospective transfer students should look into this society when planning to switch schools.

Another group that provides scholarships specifically to transfer students is the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Members of this organization have access to more than $37 million in scholarship funding, more than any other comparable group.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation also operates a scholarship program for transfer students. Every year, the¬†foundation¬†provides scholarships worth $30,000 to approximately 60 students who demonstrate academic ambition and financial need. Although competition for this award can be fierce, the sums awarded to recipients can really help make earning a bachelor’s degree more affordable.

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