Strong college GPA vital to Christian college students

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Strong college GPA vital to Christian college students

In today’s competitive job market, it is essential for Christian college students to do everything they can to succeed. To some employers, merely earning a degree is no longer enough, as the number of college graduates seeking positions enables them to be more discerning about who they hire. According to USA Today, a strong college GPA is crucial for college students hoping to secure jobs after graduation.

The news source reports that many organizations are using applicant tracking systems to compile databases of the candidates applying to available positions. These repositories can include everything from an applicant’s age to their college GPA.

“Your GPA is more important than ever in most fields, particularly if you’re interested in working for a large or mid-sized company,” Patrick O’Brien, author of “Making College Count,” told the news source.

In addition to achieving a strong GPA, Christian college students have to get creative when it comes to finding available positions. According to CBS MoneyWatch, student career centers on university campuses are an excellent place for students to identify employment opportunities. As well as being diligent in their job search, students should also maintain a positive social media presence on websites such as LinkedIn, and build their professional network of contacts through internships, according to the news source.

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