Council for Christian Colleges and Universities appoints new president

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Council for Christian Colleges and Universities appoints new president

Many faith-based educational institutions across the U.S. belong to the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). This organization exists to promote Christian values in higher education and ensure that colleges are meeting both the spiritual and academic needs of today’s students. The council recently appointed Edward O. Blews, Jr., as its sixth president.

A journey of growth
Blews was inaugurated in a ceremony earlier this week, and attendees welcomed him warmly with a standing ovation. He has a long history with the CCCU, having first joined the organization when he was a student in the Pacific Northwest, and also recently served on the organization’s board of directors. During the ceremony, Blews outlined his plans for the group and emphasized his intentions to look to the future of Christian higher education.

A man of faith himself, Blews spent many days deliberating over whether to accept the position, saying he wanted God’s will for his life to be evident before committing to a decision.

“Today the adventure begins,” said Blews. “Today we embrace the future. Today, together, we fast-forward in faith, celebrating and carrying the cause of Christian higher education.”

In addition to thanking several prominent members of the council, Blews also laid out several strategies he plans to introduce during his tenure as president of the council. He intends to find new ways to improve student advocacy on Christian college campuses, including the introduction of new professional development programs. Blews also wants to enable Christian universities to become world leaders in faith-based education by launching a series of specialized theological courses of study at member campuses across the country.

Heightened visibility
Blews does not merely want to make Christian colleges and universities better for students, he also plans to make them more cost-effective and increasingly visible on the national stage. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, Blews plans to advocate for increasing federal financial aid for many students, as he claimed that a majority of individuals attending Christian colleges are dependent on loans and other forms of financial support.

Another primary goal Blews outlined during his acceptance speech is promoting and raising the profile of Christian universities at the national level. He believes that Christian colleges in the U.S. can serve as an example of faith-based education to the world, and that advocates of Christian learning should be more closely involved with national discussions on education reform and policy.

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