Graduates of art degree programs saddled with most debt

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Graduates of art degree programs saddled with most debt

Many men and women of faith enroll at Christian colleges and universities to pursue degrees in the arts. Although these programs can be creatively stimulating and lead to a wide variety of careers, they can also prove expensive. According to The Wall Street Journal, art school graduates amass more student loan debt than individuals who attend other types of academic establishments.

The news source analyzed data from the U.S. Department of Education and found that students graduating from colleges focusing on art, music and design leave school with an average student loan debt of $21,576. Graduates of liberal arts colleges typically take on an average debt of $19,445, while students who complete their degrees at research universities graduate with an average debt of $18,100.

It is important for Christian college students to choose a major that interests them and aligns with their career goals. However, it is also worth considering the financial implications of attending a college with higher tuition rates, as students will have to pay back their loans upon graduation.

Competition for positions in creative fields such as graphic design can be intense, and graduates will still be responsible for repayment of their loans even if they cannot find work in their chosen field. To see data on graduation rates and average student loan debt at various Christian colleges and secular institutions, men and women of faith can use the Department of Education’s new College Scorecard website to compare schools.

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