Transfer tips for students with loans


Transfer tips for students with loans

If students of faith realize they began their collegiate career on the wrong note, it may be time for them to transfer to a Christian college or university. However, those who are already receiving help paying for school through loans are going to want to take the proper steps to ensure that they will still receive aid at their new institution.

Fox Business suggests students notify their loan providers if they plan to switch schools. This is important, as lenders are typically alerted whenever degree seekers leave college, whether it is because they have graduated or simply withdrawn. The problem is, these lenders may begin counting down the days until students need to repay their loans. For this reason, it is vital for those who are transferring to inform their loan providers of their plans to avoid any confusion.

If students successfully transfer to a Christian university, American Student Assistance recommends they make sure their new institution has processed their financial aid information correctly. Degree seekers are advised not to put off checking their student account, whether online or over the phone, at the outset of the academic year.

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