Worship Degree introduced at Grace Bible College

The NEW Worship Degree at Grace Bible College offers a unique program that covers areas of worship songwriting, arranging, ear training, music theory, running rehearsals, leading a band, leading a congregation, recoding albums, touring and traveling, preparing sets, presentations, editing videos, and all other elements to a great worship experience. Whatever your calling, GBC will provide the tools for a powerful and worshipful experience.
GBC will train not only excellent musicians and worship leaders, but will raise up men and women of God with hearts passionate for pursuing Him every day and leading others along the way.  GBC believes that individual character and integrity is equally important as ability. Grace Bible College makes it easy for students to plug in and receive hands-on experience with on and off-campus ministry opportunities. GBC possess one of the most unique Christian Higher Education experiences in the nation and its affordable!

Explore Grace Bible College’s many exciting degree programs and find your calling.