Financial Aid: Funding Your Christian Degree


Federal student aid is available to help fund your Christian education at public and private universities, colleges, career and trade schools. Aid comes in the form of grants, loans, military and work/study programs. In addition to federal aid, each state offers varying aid opportunities for higher education.

Grants: Grants are similar to scholarships in that they do not have to be repaid. They are awarded by federal and state government or individual colleges and are usually need based.

Loans: The federal government offers loans to those with financial need. These loans are low-interest and may be subsidized by the federal government so you don’t accrue interest until after you graduate or stop attending school. Also, some federal loans require no payments until after graduation.

Military: In addition to the GI Bill, service branches may offer additional financial assistance including scholarships for education expenses. Check with your local American Legion Auxiliary. This organization not only helps veterans, but also is a useful tool to active-duty service members.

Work-study programs: Federally funded programs that give students the opportunity to work part time to help meet their financial need. Work opportunities are generally on-campus jobs, giving students an opportunity to serve their campus community.

Here is a list of helpful resources when researching Federal or state financial aid: