Is an Online Christian Education Right for You?

Online enrollments have continued to grow at rates far in excess of the total higher education student population, with the most recent data demonstrating no signs of slowing.

  • Over 3.9 million students were taking at least one online course during the fall 2007 term; a 12% increase over the number reported the previous year.
  • 12.9% growth rate for online enrollments far exceeds the 1.2% growth of the overall higher education student population.
  • Over 20% of all U.S. higher education students were taking at least one online course in the fall of 2007

Earning your degree through an online program has been gaining popularity in recent years because of how convenient and affordable it has become. Now you can receive a quality degree from many colleges no matter where you live. A lot of online programs even allow you to work at your own pace, which makes online learning more convenient for people already in the workforce. Some colleges now permit you to complete all coursework online to earn a bachelor, masters or doctoral degree, with no actual face-to-face interaction, while others allow you to do both online coursework and attend on-site classes from time to time.

To be successful in an online program, you need to be highly motivated and organized. Find out if online learning is right for you. Answer yes or no to the statements below:

  • I have access to an Internet-accessible computer.
  • I am comfortable conveying my ideas with others.
  • I can commit 6-10 hours per week to studying and coursework.
  • I can successfully set goals and fulfill them.
  • I work well both independently and as a team player.
  • I am interested in investigating new concepts.
  • I enjoy reading.
  • I have read a book to teach myself how to do something.
  • I am a good writer.

If 7 or more answers were yes: You are a dedicated learner and have the strong-mindedness to stick with an online program. Learning online would be an advantageous way for you to earn your degree.

If 4-6 answers were yes: Though an online program might fit well with your learning style, you will need to asses whether your study habits will align with this type of learning. You might be better suited with an on-campus degree program.

If 3 or less answers were yes: An online program probably won’t work with your method of learning. You might want to check out more traditional, on-campus degree programs.

One of the main benefits to earning an online education is that you are able to work at your own pace and grow your faith, all while learning and interacting with Christians from throughout the U.S. and potentially the world.